Locate Bancontact CASH points that also dispense 5 and 100 euro notes

Posted on 2024/01/30

Need cash? Chances are, you’ll only be issued with 20 or 50 euro notes at most ATMs. Yet 5, 10 or 100 euro notes can also come in handy – and some Bancontact CASH points provide them. Plus, with our updated ATM locator, you can now find the CASH points that dispense these notes yourself online.


At any Bancontact CASH point in Belgium, you are guaranteed to receive 20 or 50 euro banknotes, which are the notes most requested. But you may prefer to have smaller notes for everyday expenses or tips. And larger denominations are more practical if you wish to have a larger sum of money on hand..

Some Bancontact CASH points dispense all types of denominations, including 5, 10 or 100 euros. The good news is that you can now find these ATMs yourself using the locator on our website bancontact.cash. The locator also includes a filter that can look up CASH points that dispense small (5, 10 euro) or large (100 euro) notes. Previously, you could also use the locator to filter those CASH points that provide a deposit function or which are fully accessible for people with limited mobility.

This clever locator is not just for consumers: it is also useful for merchants and other businesses to have several different denominations available. Having different banknotes makes the process of giving change easier, especially for smaller amounts. So, whether you’re a shopper or a shopkeeper, providing a range of denominations helps contribute to higher customer satisfaction when withdrawing cash. And in the end, that is what Batopin is all about!